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Lens culinaris (lentil)


Lentil is a member of the galegoid (cool-season) legume clade. This annual grain legume crop is cultivated in both northern temperate regions (e.g. the north-west U.S. or south-central Canada), and in arid and semi-arid areas of the developing world. Lentil is valuable as a highly versatile and nutritious pulse.

Of Special Interest

See the lentil transcriptome assemblies and related resources at the Cool Season Food Legume Database, and the lentil research and resources at KnowPulse.

NCBI taxon3864
GRIN taxon411141

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Genome Summary

Chromosomes2n = 14


Reference Data

Selected References

Current publications on Lens culinaris at PubMed.

Kaur S, Cogan NO, Pembleton LW, Shinozuka M, Savin KW, Materne M, Forster JW. Transcriptome sequencing of lentil based on second-generation technology permits large-scale unigene assembly and SSR marker discovery. BMC Genomics. 2011 May 25; 12: 265.